How to Use Your Current PBX for SIP Trunking

Companies are rapidly switching from PSTN Business Phone Systems to SIP based systems. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It is a method of transmitting phone calls and data via the internet. SIP has a lot of advantages over traditional systems. For example, SIP is scalable and provides cost savings. You also don’t receive nearly as many long-distance charges. The othe...
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DID Numbers Explained

DID Numbers
A DID number means a direct inward dial number. The good thing about DID numbers is that anyone calling that number goes straight to the person they’re trying to reach rather than a receptionist or an auto attendant. In actuality, DID numbers are virtual. This way you can have numerous direct lines without requiring multiple phone lines. Needless to say, this saves your comp...
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How to Overcome Your Concerns About Upgrading From a Traditional Business Phone System

traditional business phone system
All businesses must reconsider their Business Phone System from time to time. Whether it is getting too expensive to maintain or it is simply too old, upgrading your traditional Business Phone System can prove daunting. It is often a hassle to gather all the information you need to make a massive switch. However, there are solutions, such as SIP Trunking, that can save you mone...
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What Warning Signs You Should Look Out for When Selecting a SIP Provider

warning signs
Companies don’t purchase Business Phone Systems on a regular basis. Therefore, it can prove challenging to know what warning signs to look out for. SIP Trunking is a great option because it reduces your costs, offers more flexibility, and has features that can make your business more efficient. However, the difficulty often lies in selecting your SIP provider. Here are some war...
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What You Should Know About SIP Trunking Cost Savings

cost savings
The popularity of SIP Trunking is growing at an astronomical rate. Why are businesses turning to SIP Trunking? One of the biggest reasons why is the cost savings associated with replacing your traditional Business Phone System with SIP Trunking. Here’s how SIP can save your business money. No Call Forwarding Costs A traditional phone system is tied to a specific location. Thi...
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How Many SIP Trunks Does Your Business Require?

SIP Trunks
Even though businesses also connect with customers and clients through email and social media, calling is still the most prevalent method of business communication. At the end of the day though, your business phone system can add up to a heavy expense. However, the days are gone where traditional phone systems are the only option. One newer technology is SIP Trunking. SIP (Sess...
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What are the Most Important Benefits of SIP Trunking?

benefits of SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking can prove extremely beneficial to businesses. Not only can it make you more scalable and productive, but it can help your customers and save you money. Below are the most important benefits of SIP Trunking. Scalability SIP Trunking does not require physical landlines. This means that any time you need to add a line, it is delivered over your Internet connection. ...
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What are the Key Differences Between PRI and SIP Trunks?

For a long time, PRI has been a reliable way to connect your PBX Business Phone System to a local phone service provider. It is comprised of numerous voice lines with one data line. It can handle call signaling between your PBX and your phone service provider. Nevertheless, SIP Trunking is a newer form of technology that is just as reliable along with a significant cost savings...
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What are the Most Frequent SIP Trunking Questions?

SIP Trunking questions
SIP refers to Session Initiation Protocol. It uses IP networks for different facets of communication. Not only does it work for phone calls but also for video, messaging, etc. It can completely change the way your business handles telecommunications. In the past few years, it has taken off in popularity due to its wealth of features and cost savings. However, before you switch ...
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Why you Shouldn’t Sacrifice Service for Cost Savings

Cost Savings
SIP Trunking has a lot of amazing benefits. Switching to SIP Trunking offers better productivity, easier scalability, and an improved customer experience. It also can save you money. While this last benefit is a big one, you don’t want to sacrifice service for cost savings. There are a lot of companies that offer SIP Trunking service, and it is important not to merely go wit...
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How you Can Save Money with SIP Trunking

Save money with SIP Trunking
Companies can’t afford to waste time or money with missing calls from valuable clients. Whether poor internal communication or a bad telephone system is to blame, it costs you money to use a substandard telecommunications solution. However, SIP Trunking helps you not only increase your revenue through improved communications but also costs less. What Is SIP Calling? SIP is “S...
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Five Ways SIP Trunking Can Improve Your Business

SIP Trunking
When a business operates off of an inefficient phone system it can lead to reduced employee morale, missed deadlines, maintenance headaches, and unhappy customers. Unfortunately, most traditional business phone systems can create all of these problems, whereas a newer type of system can alleviate them. One of the best solutions for your business is SIP Trunking. Here are five r...
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What you Should Look for in a SIP Provider

SIP Provider
Unfortunately, when a company shops for the best SIP service or best SIP providers, it will be difficult to find two identical answers. Shopping for SIP is so difficult because what is the best service for one unique business is often entirely different for your company. Therefore, the key is to find a SIP provider that is able to cater to your precise needs. The best method fo...
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Rapoza Associates

Rapoza Associates is a public interest lobbying and government relations firm. We pride ourselves in our ability to identify tangible outcomes in the ever-shifting and competitive world of D.C. politics. Our hands-on approach and experience working clients and communities helps us argue the merits of the programs on Capitol Hill - making it clear we're not just 'talking the ...
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Dawson & Associates

Dawson & Associates is the nation's premier firm for resolving complex challenges involving Federal water resources and environmental regulatory policy and procedures. Unique in its scope and capabilities, Dawson & Associates' decades of successful leadership in the U.S. Army Corps or Engineers, the EPA, the Department of the Interior, the United States Congress, and th...
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U.S. Sedan Service

For nearly 2 decades, U.S. Sedan Service, Inc., has been providing uncompromising ground transportation service for corporate travelers, diplomats, chartered airline, and individual leisure vacationers. With its superb service and exceptional attention to detail, U.S. Sedan has been named the number one choice for private aviation terminals in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan ...
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Antares Group, Inc.

Antares Group, Inc., has been serving quick-service restaurant franchise owner/operators, other business owners, and individuals with a full range of customized accounting and business advisory services for more than 30 years. With offices in metro Atlanta and Boston, we are proud to represent nearly 1,600 McDonald's restaurants in 37 states.
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