How an IVR Can Help Make your SIP Trunking Solution a Success

When a customer calls your business, do they hear an automated voice that allows them to access information without having to speak to a live agent? Most Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems offer automatic answers to simple questions or help guide a caller to specific departments. An IVR is great for all businesses and can help make your SIP Trunking Solution a success. W...
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How You Can Improve Your Customer Service with SIP Trunking

Customer Service
SIP Trunking has a lot of great benefits. Most people are aware that by choosing SIP they can lower costs, boost reliability, and incorporate fantastic features. However, not everyone knows that SIP can improve your business’s customer service. It does so via both outgoing and incoming calls. Here’s how: Outgoing Customer Calls Obviously customer contact goes both ways. Somet...
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DID Numbers Explained

DID Numbers
A DID number means a direct inward dial number. The good thing about DID numbers is that anyone calling that number goes straight to the person they’re trying to reach rather than a receptionist or an auto attendant. In actuality, DID numbers are virtual. This way you can have numerous direct lines without requiring multiple phone lines. Needless to say, this saves your comp...
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