Why a PBX is Still Important in Today’s Modern World

It may seem rational that in today’s digital world old technology is useless. However, when it concerns PBX telephony that is not the case. Here is why you should consider incorporating a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) into your business communications operations. What is PBX? A PBX is a switch that your business owns. It handles your calls to and from a single location. It is...
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What is the Difference Between SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX
VoIP related telephony can sometimes prove confusing for customers. Do all of these acronyms (VoIP, SIP, PBX, etc.) just mean the same thing? They don’t, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interrelated. Before we get to SIP Trunking and PBXs, let’s start with VoIP. VoIP (or Voice over IP) is a way to send your voice communications over IP (or Internet Protocol) networks, i....
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