Why is QoS Important in SIP Trunking?

When you switch to SIP Trunking, it is important to understand how QoS plays a role in your new solution. First of all, what is QoS? QoS stands for Quality of Service. In SIP Trunking, it refers to a router setting that is vital to ensuring quality audio. Quality of Service SIP Trunking operates through an internet connection. In a typical office, data passes through your con...
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3 Things to Know Before Your Business Switches to SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking is a fantastic way for businesses to merge their current voice and data networks into a single network. This delivers high-quality communications, along with considerable cost savings. However, there are three things that your business should know before making the switch. Know Your Network You need to know how many simultaneous calls your business makes prior to...
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