How Does SIP Trunking Work?

SIP Trunking
The biggest difference between SIP Trunking and traditional telecommunications is that SIP connects your Business Phone System to the outside world through the internet and VoIP rather than physical phone lines. SIP Trunks can also relay video and messages. They are now seen as a very common and popular way for companies to carry out their business communications. However, t...
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Why You Should Pair SIP Trunking with Your Call Center

call center
Call centers are on the rise. In fact, many businesses have begun to return their call centers from overseas back to the US. If you have a call center, or are considering implementing one, it’s important to make is as efficient as possible. Therefore, you shouldn’t run it with traditional landlines. Rather, you should use SIP to power it. Here’s a few reasons why SIP is the bes...
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Are You Ready to Make the Change to SIP Trunking?

It is a wise decision to make the change to SIP Trunking. Not only do you get Unified Communications and improved flexibility, but you’ll also receive a large cost savings. While making a large change to your telecommunications may seem challenging, it is actually simple. However, you do need to do a few things ahead of time to ensure an easy transition. Check Your Bandwidth ...
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What Warning Signs You Should Look Out for When Selecting a SIP Provider

warning signs
Companies don’t purchase Business Phone Systems on a regular basis. Therefore, it can prove challenging to know what warning signs to look out for. SIP Trunking is a great option because it reduces your costs, offers more flexibility, and has features that can make your business more efficient. However, the difficulty often lies in selecting your SIP provider. Here are some war...
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What you Should Look for in a SIP Provider

SIP Provider
Unfortunately, when a company shops for the best SIP service or best SIP providers, it will be difficult to find two identical answers. Shopping for SIP is so difficult because what is the best service for one unique business is often entirely different for your company. Therefore, the key is to find a SIP provider that is able to cater to your precise needs. The best method fo...
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