Are You Ready for Long Term Remote Working?

long term remote working
These days, working from home is the norm. However, it is one thing to work from home one or two days a week and another to work remotely long term. Is your business ready for long term remote working? There are a few things you should do before hand to prepare: Communication and Collaboration Tools Since your employees are working remotely, it is important that they can stil...
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What You Need to Move to A Virtual Workforce

Virtual workforce
In the past weeks companies everywhere have had to rapidly shift their employees into a virtual workforce. Having been forced to do this quickly, not all companies have had a smooth transition. There are a few requirements that can help make the change easier though: Equipment It may go without saying, but your employees will need the necessary equipment when working from hom...
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What is the Difference Between SIP and VoIP?

Online communication in this day and age is sometimes confusing. Between acronyms like SIP, VoIP, IP, PSTN, etc., it often seems more complicated than it really is. Not helping matters, sometimes these terms get used interchangeably when they’re not meant to be. For instance, SIP and VoIP are both different acronyms used in the telecommunications industry, that refer to diff...
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