Why Intuity?

We will help leverage your PBX investment: Where applicable, we will use your current PBX infrastructure, preserving your original capital investment. Between our adaptable system and gateways, we can handle it all.

We replace your expensive dial tone: Since PRI and POTS trunks are no longer needed, we can save you up to 60% on your monthly bill.

Pay only for the capacity you need: You only purchase what you are using. With traditional PBX plans, PRI’s are purchased in a bundle of 23 channels. Although all channels may be used during peak times, you are paying for them at all times whether you use them or not. Intuity can start with as few as 2 SIP trunks and expand to over 10,000 in a single instance.

Scale capacity up or down: SIP is a virtual connection. Therefore, you can scale up and down quickly as needed.

Handle spikes in call volumes: Seasonal or business related spikes can easily be addressed with bursting capabilities. Bursting is a feature that gives your business the ability to utilize additional call sessions beyond the amount purchased for peak calling times.

Consolidate voice and data services: Make the most of your bandwidth by using your IP network for both data and voice.

Enjoy uninterrupted service: The Intuity SIP platform is georedundant with multiple East and West coast data centers.