Are You Ready for Long Term Remote Working?

Long term remote workingThese days, working from home is the norm. However, it is one thing to work from home one or two days a week and another to work remotely long term. Is your business ready for long term remote working? There are a few things you should do before hand to prepare:

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Since your employees are working remotely, it is important that they can still collaborate as if they were all together in the office. Instead of face to face communication, they must use technology to collaborate. Fortunately, with tools such as chat, conferencing, and video/voice, your employees can still communicate as if they were face to face. It is important to find a solution that can do all of these things.


When working remotely, all of your employees will be working from their own equipment. This can make it challenging to protect your company’s assets. How prepared are you to take on a security threat? Since working from home can open you up to some security vulnerabilities, you should assess your security policies. It’s important to perform a risk assessment if you are planning on long term remote working.

Technology Support

Working from home and using new tools can prove to be an adjustment for your employees. You need to make sure they have the assistance they require when trying to operate new applications. Be sure to set up support sessions for your employees to make sure that everyone is staying productive.

Reliable Partner

While all of the above is important, if you don’t have reliable infrastructure, your employees will struggle to get anything done. You have to have everything working without extended downtime. Therefore, it is important to have a technology partner that can manage your technology and troubleshoot any potential issues.

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