What to Take into Account When Working Remote

remoteIn recent months, many businesses have rapidly transitioned to remote working. While today’s technology permits this, making the change itself can prove challenging if not handled correctly. Here are a few methods and tools that can make the move easier.


A softphone allows voice communications through a software program. This means that now computers and cell phones can be turned into Business Phone Systems. When working from home, you’ll want to incorporate softphones because you can retain your business number and your Business Phone System features.

UCaaS Technology

If you want to make a remote workplace feasible, you need to incorporate UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) technology. UCaaS includes video conferencing, team collaboration tools, instant messaging, etc. You can use these tools from any device or location. UCaaS is even more convenient when used with SIP Trunking.

Employee Training

The first thing you have to do with any new tools or processes, however, is train your employees on them. The features and tools mentioned above are great, but if your employees do not know how to use them, they are useless. When switching to remote working, be sure to take the time to train your employees properly. This will prevent unnecessary issues, delays, and stress.

Reliable IT Partner

Technology and training is vital to your remote workforce’s success. Without reliable infrastructure though, your team will spend much of their time twiddling their thumbs. You can’t afford for your systems to suffer extended downtime whether you are at the office or working from home. This means that it is vital that you have an IT service provider that can manage your technology and quickly troubleshoot any problems.

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