How Call Recording Can Help Your Business

Call RecordingOne of the many advantages of switching to SIP Trunking is you can take advantage of features such as call recording. Do you really need this feature though? It depends on your type of business. Below are some advantages of recording calls. If any of these benefits sound like something your business could use, perhaps it is time to consider a switch.

Performance Reviews

If your employees spend a lot of time on the phone (call center agents, for example), call recording is a great way to conduct a performance review. This way, you can provide them with feedback and constructive criticism on how they interact with customers and other people they speak to on the phone. With call recording, managers can also evaluate average call times and miscellaneous data via Unified Communications. This data will allow them to perform more accurate employee reviews.

Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, disputes can prove a fairly regular occurrence. This is especially true if your company provides a lot of sales or service support. Call recording is one of the best ways to document customer complaints. This way, managers can have an accurate picture of what occurred and how to resolve it.


While managers have a responsibility to step in to perform reviews and rectify disputes, they also need to ensure that proper employee training is conducted. Call recording can prove invaluable to the training process. This way, managers can sort, schedule, or export recordings for training purposes. This is a great way to teach new employees the proper protocols you expect them to perform.

By making the switch to SIP Trunking, you not only receive benefits like call recording, but also recurring cost savings, reliability, and scalability. If you have any questions regarding SIP Trunking, please contact Intuity today at (800) 811-1086. Please feel free to also follow us on Twitter.