Why You Should Ditch Your Traditional Business Phone System

Traditional Business Phone SystemMaking a change in life is never easy. This includes the relationship between a business and their Business Phone System. Sometimes companies find themselves stuck with an outdated, traditional solution that they don’t like. Outdated systems often require frequent maintenance and lack features that a competitive business requires. Whether it is because of a contract or simply the hassle of trying to find something new, upgrading your Traditional Business Phone System can sometimes prove difficult. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips on how to ditch your Traditional Business Phone System:


There is a good chance that you own the hardware if you currently have a traditional on-premise system. However, even if you own the hardware in this instance, you are likely paying for some type of phone service. It is important before making any decisions to review your contract. There’s a chance that your commitment has ended, and you can move to another provider without penalty.


If you are free to move to another provider, you will then need to ensure that your current numbers and DIDs are portable. If you can’t port your numbers to your new provider, you will have the problem of giving all of your customers and contacts your new number. Fortunately, an inability to port your numbers away from your current provider is rare. However, it is an important thing to remember to do; if you cancel your service before porting your number, you could lose the number forever. Your new provider should be able to handle this step for you.

Find a New Provider and a New Solution

When looking for a new provider, you need to find one that can fulfill your unique business needs. You need to consider their ability to provide great quality of service and reliability. You need to also examine their ability to offer customer support. While cost should factor into your decision, it is important not to let it be the only factor.

However, the big question is what type of solution should you get? SIP Trunking is one of the best and most popular options. SIP Trunking has all of the features that your current Traditional Business Phone System lacks. For example, SIP lets you make long-distance calls without increasing your bill. You can also add caller name, DIDs, and number ID to better handle calls. You can furthermore incorporate time-of-day routing, call monitoring, and call recording.

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