How to Choose a SIP Trunking Provider

SIP Trunking providerIs your business growing? If so, your Business Phone System may not be able to keep up with the demand. Therefore, you should consider taking advantage of SIP Trunking. Not only is it more flexible and cost-efficient, but it can keep pace with a growing business. The first step in switching to SIP Trunking, however, is to find a reputable SIP Trunking Provider. Here is how to choose one:


One of the biggest reasons companies switch to SIP Trunking is for the cost savings. Using traditional phone lines can prove very pricey for a couple of reasons. For one, adding users requires physically installing additional lines. Long-distance calling is also expensive. With SIP Trunking, however, both of these concerns are negated. SIP Trunking uses the internet. This means that adding users is done virtually and long-distance calls are placed over the internet. However, when choosing a provider, it is important to select one that maximizes these savings. You want a provider that offers a straightforward pricing structure that is easy to understand. Otherwise, your potential savings may be nullified.


SIP Trunking, as mentioned earlier, is very flexible. You need a SIP Trunking Provider that takes advantage of the technology’s inherent flexibility. When seeking a provider, make sure that they support channel bursting. This feature lets your company manage peaks and valleys in telephony usage.


Be sure that your provider has reliable infrastructure. Optimally, they should be a Tier-1 carrier. This means that they can connect directly to the backbone of the Internet, allowing them to provide the highest possible call quality. Being a Tier-1 carrier also gives them multiple gateways and geographic locations.

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