How to Convert to SIP Trunking

convert to sip trunkingSIP Trunking comes with a lot of benefits. For one, it can save your business a lot of money each month on your phone bills. It also allows you greater scalability and flexibility. If you convert to SIP Trunking, you also gain a lot of great features like, cell phone integration, DID, find me/follow me, and more. Here’s how to convert to SIP Trunking:

Phone Bill

It is important that you provide a copy of your phone bill to your new provider. This provides them with all of the information they require to make sure that the switch is effortless. The bill shouldn’t be more than 30 days old.

Local Number Porting

Most customers, when switching to a new phone service, worry that they’ll lose their numbers. With SIP Trunking this is not the case. You can port your existing numbers with SIP Trunking. Your new provider simply has to contact your old provider to coordinate the change. All you have to do is provide them with all of the numbers you wish to port.

PBX Preparation

If you have a legacy PBX, you will need have a gateway installed and tested prior to porting. If you have an IP-based system, your requirements vary. You may only need a SIP Trunking license, but you may require a card. In some cases, you may not require anything. It is important for your provider to understand what equipment you are using so that they can prepare accordingly.

Data Network

Your router and firewall need to be tested to ensure that they can dependably pass phone traffic. You may end up needing new equipment or simply some configuration changes. However, if your internet is not powerful enough, you may also need to upgrade to ensure that you don’t experience any technical difficulties.

Cancel Old Service

Finally, make sure you cancel any old services. In many cases, after you have ported the circuits they are automatically disconnected. Nevertheless, it is important to verify this with your old provider.

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