How to Use Your Current PBX for SIP Trunking

PBXCompanies are rapidly switching from PSTN Business Phone Systems to SIP based systems. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It is a method of transmitting phone calls and data via the internet. SIP has a lot of advantages over traditional systems. For example, SIP is scalable and provides cost savings. You also don’t receive nearly as many long-distance charges. The other advantage of SIP is that you can reuse your current PBX infrastructure. This can save your company even more during a SIP Trunking implementation. Here’s how you can make the switch painlessly:

Reuse Current PBX Infrastructure

While you can’t reuse every piece of hardware, you can use a lot of your current infrastructure. For example, if you think you have to buy new desk phones you don’t. Some companies go this route, but it is not mandatory. Analog desk phones can work with SIP based PBX boxes with adaptors. The adaptors typically come with numerous ports that handle the conversation between digital and analog data.

You can also reuse PSTN based PBX hardware. You simply have to use gateways to the IP network. This is great for companies because it means you won’t have to immediately purchase an IP based PBX system. Your current phone lines can also be reused. You can use them to add video and messaging. This is fantastic because you don’t need to purchase separate video calling services.

One of the biggest benefits of SIP is that you don’t have to break the bank to implement it. It is extremely flexible. Reusing your current PBX infrastructure is a great way for your company to employ a more modern service without purchasing a lot of new equipment.

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