Should you Choose SIP Trunking or a Cloud PBX?

SIP Trunking or a Cloud PBXSIP Trunking and Cloud PBX systems are similar in many ways. For example, they are both VoIP solutions. They also share similar features and functions. They both use SIP (or Session Initiation Protocol) to get to an endpoint. Most importantly, perhaps, they are great options for users who want to migrate from their Traditional Business Phone Systems. However, if you are trying to decide between the two, there are a few key differences.

The Differences Between SIP Trunking and Cloud PBX

The most evident difference is that a Cloud PBX is cloud-based. It is, therefore, hosted by your service provider. SIP Trunking, on the other hand, connects your physical or virtual PBX to the internet. Put simply, SIP Trunking enables your current phone system to make virtual calls, while a Cloud PBX is entirely virtual. Here are some of the pros and cons of both solutions:

Hardware Costs

If you are starting with nothing, a Cloud PBX could be a great fit. Because your provider hosts the PBX, you won’t have to purchase any equipment. However, if you already have a non-IP or digital PBX system, SIP is a good choice because it leverages your existing equipment.


A Cloud PBX system is entirely maintained by your provider because they host it offsite. Hence, if something goes wrong, it is their job to resolve the issue. They also handle all of the updates. With SIP Trunking, on the other hand, your IT team may have to handle updates and regular maintenance. With that said, many SIP Trunking providers offer this service so that your team doesn’t have to deal with it.

At the end of the day, if you have an aging system, either option is probably a good fit for your company. You just have to consider what type of infrastructure you currently have and what type of provider you are selecting to handle your service.

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