Why SIP Trunking is More Popular than Ever

SIP Trunking is more popular than everWhen SIP Trunking initially hit the market, it was met with a lot of skepticism. Both customers and technicians were used to physical analog lines. Therefore, they did not trust the way SIP Trunking depended on the internet. They consequentially had low expectations. In some ways this was justified, as the public internet infrastructure wasn’t quite up to the task back then. However, if you fast forward to today’s world, SIP Trunking is more popular than ever. The internet has advanced enough that you can take advantage of SIP without dropped calls or packet loss. Why would you want to switch from traditional lines to SIP Trunking in the first place though? Here’s why SIP Trunking is more popular than ever:


SIP Trunking has a lot of benefits. As long as your internet is up to the task, your business can not only save a lot of money with SIP but also gain a lot of great features. Additionally, SIP is much less constraining than physical telephony infrastructure. In other words, you can easily scale your users up or down without physical alterations. This makes SIP Trunking a lot easier to maintain.

Concerns vs. Realities

However, as mentioned above, when SIP Trunking first came on the market there were some concerns with it. Considering it worked through the internet could it be reliable? Was it secure? Is SIP Trunking worth getting rid of your current equipment? Some of these concerns have even persisted to the modern day. However, they aren’t really relevant anymore. Here’s why:

  • Security: Obviously, SIP Trunking relies on an internet connection. This means that it is possible for hackers to attack your network. However, with simple precautions this isn’t a very practical concern. By encrypting your channels, SIP Trunking is very safe.
  • Reliability: Is operating through the internet reliable? As long as you have decent internet, it is. Additionally, in the rare instances when your internet goes down, your SIP provider can redirect calls to a smartphone or backup location.
  • Cost: As mentioned, SIP Trunking is more cost-efficient than traditional telephony. However, discarding your current equipment for new equipment can be a tough decision. However, in many cases you can use your current PBX infrastructure with SIP, thereby preserving your original capital investment.

As you can see, there are more pros than cons in switching to SIP Trunking. This is why it is one of the most popular options on the market.

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