DID Numbers Explained

DID numbersA DID number means a direct inward dial number. The good thing about DID numbers is that anyone calling that number goes straight to the person they’re trying to reach rather than a receptionist or an auto attendant.

In actuality, DID numbers are virtual. This way you can have numerous direct lines without requiring multiple phone lines. Needless to say, this saves your company a lot of money. SIP Trunking is one of the most common ways you can have a virtual DID number. You can also use a DID for voicemail and faxes. Here are a few additional ways that a DID number can assist your business.

DID Numbers Will Help Your Customers

In many cases, companies don’t have many DID numbers. This means that the majority of their calls go to a main line. This main line is picked up by a receptionist or whoever happens to be available. On the other hand, with a DID customers receive improved service. They won’t have to wade through an auto attendant or spend time with a receptionist.

Increased Productivity

DID numbers allow for easier communication throughout your team. Whether you’re a call center or even a smaller office, this will boost your productivity. Also, as mentioned above, your customers will have better access to specific employees. This works in reverse as well; your employees won’t have to waste as much time returning messages.

Local DIDs Draw Local Customers

Attracting new customers is always a positive for a business. The fantastic thing about DID numbers is that you can customize them to be local to your place of business. A customer who sees a local number is more likely to choose your company over one who only has a toll-free number.

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