Does SIP Trunking Work for Large Companies?

Large CompaniesSIP Trunking is a great alternative for handling the telecommunications needs of companies. In the past however, it seemed that it was mostly smaller companies that leaned towards SIP Trunking. Does this mean that it isn’t a practical solution for large companies as well? On the contrary, SIP is a great option for both small and large companies. Here’s why:


Options like VoIP and SIP are much more cost-efficient than traditional landlines. It can cut the costs of your phone bill as much as 50%. SIP does this by making calls via the internet. This essentially makes all calls local. You also don’t have to purchase lines in blocks; rather, you only pay for what you actually need. SIP can save a company money regardless of its size. For larger companies, the savings can really add up.

Flexibility and Reliability

SIP Trunks give you control of your system. Whether you need to grow or downsize, SIP Trunking makes the process simple and painless. SIP is also reliable; any reputed vendor will have redundancy and automatic failovers in place.

While small and medium sized businesses certainly demand flexibility and reliability, many large companies have offices all around the globe. It can prove challenging to have backup plans for that many offices in numerous countries. SIP allows you to tailor your emergency plans as you need.

Bottom Line

As mentioned, all businesses can benefit from SIP. It is certainly a misnomer to think that large companies must have a traditional option due to their size. There are many benefits for large companies to choose SIP Trunking. It’s important to remember to choose according to your particular needs.

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