Here’s Why Everyone is Moving to SIP Trunking

moving to SIP TrunkingNowadays many companies have moved to Internet-based communications. Why? One of the largest reasons is the combination of cost and added features. Many companies moving in this direction have landed on SIP Trunking as the option that best fits their business. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking utilizes (VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to connect to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Here are some of the benefits of moving to SIP Trunking.


As mentioned earlier, cost is a big reason why companies are moving to SIP Trunking. The cost is often less expensive because you can leverage your existing infrastructure. This is a great option for businesses looking to save money but not swap out their entire system. You can also remove your long-distance charges. By using the Internet to make calls, all calls are now essentially local.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Another way SIP saves you money is through maintenance costs. With an older landline, technicians had to be dispatched in the event of a problem. Service calls can end up costing you a fair amount once you add in trip and labor fees. While SIP doesn’t completely eliminate on-site service calls, it does reduce the amount of them. You can remotely handle many SIP based problems through the Internet.


While cost is a big reason why companies are moving to SIP Trunking, it’s by far not the only reason. After all, cost isn’t everything. Fortunately, SIP Trunking offers a lot of many features that you won’t find everywhere. SIP offers caller ID, call forwarding, DIDs, video conferencing, and more. The best thing about these features are that they typically come included with the service.


While great features and lower costs are great, you don’t want to trade your current reliable service for one that is not. SIP Trunking doesn’t have that issue though. It has many redundancy layers, meaning that if you experience a system or power failure your provider automatically moves your services to different locations and devices.

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