How SIP Trunking Can Help You in the Event of a Disaster

disasterSIP Trunking is designed not only for the present, but also for the future of telecommunications. Not only is it cost efficient, but it has more value now than a Legacy Business Phone System. Furthermore, in the event that a disaster strikes your business, such as a power outage or hurricane, SIP Trunking can help get your business back on its feet in no time.

Disaster Recovery

Whether it is a power outage or even just Internet issues, SIP Trunking is designed to help you in the event of a disaster. Disaster at your business or at your SIP providers’ business can affect you equally. It is essential that you get prepared in advance.

If your Business Suffers a Disaster

SIP Trunking services are sent over the Internet. This means, that if a situation arises that affects your Internet, it can render your site unable to make or place calls. Fortunately, you can configure your system to automatically send calls to alternate sites. Some companies even have multiple Internet connections so that one can serve as a backup. Additionally, you can also have your main number redirect to employee’s mobile phones.

If your Provider Suffers a Disaster

You can handle the aforementioned scenarios. However, your provider also needs to prepare in the event of a disaster. If your provider goes offline, it can affect your company. It is important to make sure that your provider has redundant infrastructure. This will help lessen the likelihood of a provider issue affecting your site.

Unfortunately, a business doesn’t typically consider disaster recover until they are forced to deal with it. It is important not to make this mistake. Preparing ahead of time can dramatically reduce the amount of downtime you will suffer if forced to deal with a crisis.

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