How an IVR Can Help Make your SIP Trunking Solution a Success

IVRWhen a customer calls your business, do they hear an automated voice that allows them to access information without having to speak to a live agent? Most Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems offer automatic answers to simple questions or help guide a caller to specific departments. An IVR is great for all businesses and can help make your SIP Trunking Solution a success.

What is an Interactive Voice Response System?

An IVR is telephony software that permits companies to interact with callers by providing various menu options. The system will then take specific action based on how the caller has answered the prompt the IVR provides. They can either receive answers to simple questions (like what your hours are) or get transferred to a specific department if they have a more detailed query. If your IVR is designed well, it can not only improve your SIP Trunking Solution, but also increase your customer satisfaction.

Benefits of an Interactive Voice Response System

How can an IVR benefit your business? A major benefit is that they have an automated screening process. In other words, your employees have an idea of what they are dealing with before they even pick up the phone. Here are some other major benefits of IVRs:

Efficient Customer Service

As mentioned above, IVRs can help improve your customer service. For example, they provide rapid answers to common inquires. More importantly, if they are set up properly, they don’t bounce customers from department to department before finally getting your caller to the right one. Not only does this save time, but it also makes for a less frustrated customer.

Reduction in Manual Errors

As IVRs are automated, they don’t make mistakes. A human receptionist, in contrast, can get overwhelmed by large call volumes. This often results in errors. An IVR also routes your calls through the phone menu in the same logical order, each and every time.

Increased Productivity

IVR systems create efficient call routing. What this means for your employees is that important calls are prioritized based on predefined criteria. This creates shorter call wait times and therefore increased employee productivity.

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