What Warning Signs You Should Look Out for When Selecting a SIP Provider

warning signsCompanies don’t purchase Business Phone Systems on a regular basis. Therefore, it can prove challenging to know what warning signs to look out for. SIP Trunking is a great option because it reduces your costs, offers more flexibility, and has features that can make your business more efficient. However, the difficulty often lies in selecting your SIP provider. Here are some warning signs to consider when making your choice.

Refuses to Divulge Quality Data

Packet loss and data latency are the two major criteria when it comes to measuring SIP Trunking service quality. Any SIP provider you consider should reveal their stats for both of these metrics. Packet loss and data latency often lead to jitter and lag, which can greatly reduce your call quality.

Does Not Offer a Tier-1, Redundant Network

Sometimes choosing a phone service can make a customer think they have to be a telecommunications expert to make a wise decision. Why this isn’t exactly true, it does help to know what questions to ask. If a SIP provider doesn’t offer a Tier-1, redundant network, you may find it is inadequate for your business.

Won’t Talk to You

SIP deployments are often conducted solely online. This is and of itself is not an issue; however, if you have questions or experience any issues, you should be able to get in touch with your provider. If you find it challenging to get talk to an actual human being at the company, that is a red flag to look out for. It is important with any big switch to have confidence that there are experts on staff that can assist you with any problems or questions.

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