How SIP Trunking Can Help Your IT Department

IT DepartmentYour Business Phone System typically takes up a lot of your IT Department’s time. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With SIP Trunking, your IT Department has more freedom to focus on other business projects. Here’s how:


With Traditional Business Phone Systems, you don’t have much access and control. You have to contact your provider to make the simplest of changes. Unfortunately, this takes time away from other IT projects.

SIP Trunking, on the other hand, gives you the access you need to respond immediately to user requests. Routing options are much more flexible and easy to control. You can also enact Unified Communications effortlessly. Furthermore, SIP Trunking allows for real-time call data. This simplifies your IT Department’s job by making it easier to monitor usage.


Unfortunately, Legacy systems are tricky to deploy. They require lengthy test periods, and if you want to add a line you will have to pay for more than what you need due to how they are bundled. Carriers also maintain control over admin processes.

SIP Trunking, however, is activated swiftly. Once you register your gateway or IP PBX with your provider, you’re good to go. This means that your IT Department doesn’t have to go back and forth with the provider. Instead, they can quickly get the job done. This makes scalability not only simple, but much more realistic.


Best of all, if you select the right provider, you won’t see nearly as many support tickets. If you have a provider that offers redundancy, your system will be much more reliable. With a reliable system that doesn’t go down, your IT Department won’t get flooded with support requests.

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