How to Extend the Life of Your Business Phone System with SIP Trunking

Business Phone SystemDoes your company still have either a non-IP or digital PBX phone system? When you make calls do they still go through traditional phone lines? If so, that is okay; you can modernize your existing Business Phone System with SIP Trunking.

When you make calls through a traditional phone line (a copper analog line, for example), you may find that you reach your capacity quicker than you like. As a business, you expect that when you pick up the phone to make a call, it works. If traditional calling is unsatisfactory to you but you aren’t eager to rush out and replace the entire system, SIP Trunking may be exactly what you are looking for. SIP replaces traditional phone lines and carries your audio and data via the internet instead. It is a fantastic option for businesses presently using non-IP or digital PBX systems because it leverages your current hardware. It can also save you a lot of money each month. Here’s how SIP Trunking works:

How SIP Trunking Works

In the past, everyone used POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. They had one number per line. Each line would come in from your phone company through physical wires. This type of setup can prove problematic in certain respects. For example, if you want each member of your staff to have direct numbers, you’ll have to run physical lines to each phone. Not only is this costly to install, but each time you make a new hire you’ll have to undergo physical changes to your Business Phone System infrastructure.

We’ve touched on how SIP Trunking works above. By using the internet to make calls, SIP not only gives you more features but also saves you money. As discussed earlier, customizing POTS lines is not easy. Unlike with POTS, DID numbers are not line dependent with SIP Trunking. They do not require individual wires for each number you want. Instead, your Business Phone System uses signaling information to indicate which number was dialed.

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