How you can Decrease Communications Costs with SIP Trunking

SIP TrunkingYour company can experience many benefits if you move to SIP Trunking. Perhaps the most popular benefit is the cost savings. Moving from PRI lines to SIP can save you as much as 40-50% off of your monthly business phone bills. How does that work? Here’s how SIP can decrease your communication costs:

Eliminate Long Distance Fees

Most businesses pay for SIP Trunking by the channel. They’ll pay for each channel they have on a monthly basis. For calls in the United States, most providers do not charge by the minute. Therefore, your bill is predictable, and you will not get hit with any additional fees if you make more calls than usual that month. For international calls you may have additional fees, but in most cases, providers charge less for these calls than traditional carriers.

Purchase Only What You Require

A large portion of the savings are due to the fact that you only have to purchase what you require. With traditional systems, lines are sold in groups. With SIP Trunking, you only have to purchase what you need. You purchase them on-demand, one at a time. This is great, because you won’t have to purchase unnecessary lines.

Simple Administration

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort administering your SIP Trunking solution. For one, moves, adds, and changes are simple and can be administered with the click of a button. Most providers also allow you access to an online control panel so that you can manage your system from any location.

Multiple Locations

If you have more than one location, SIP Trunking is extremely beneficial. With multiple sites, you had to have separate systems in the past. With SIP, you can share channels across multiple sites.

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