Surprising Benefits of SIP Trunking

SIP TrunkingThere are many obvious benefits of SIP Trunking. By replacing traditional systems and switching to a virtual system, you can lower your costs, increase your system’s reliability, and add great features. Is that all you gain by moving to SIP Trunking though? While those are great benefits, there are even more reasons you should switch. Here are just a few examples:

Quick Return on Investment

As mentioned above, SIP can save you money. However, not everyone knows just how quickly it can save you money. Your ROI (return on investment) is great partly because you don’t have to supply a large upfront investment to get started. This is because there is little to no hardware necessary for SIP Trunking. Your main costs (maintenance and management) are typically folded into your monthly fee.


Many companies still have a legacy PBX system. This means that, while you may wish to take advantage of new communication technology, you realize most of it is incompatible with your current hardware. This, however, is not the case if you choose SIP Trunking. One of the great advantages of SIP is that you can use your existing PBX to interface with SIP. This way, you get much of the same benefits without having to ditch all of your current hardware.

Improved Security

Hacking a SIP Trunking phone call is extremely difficult. The only feasible way to accomplish the task is to capture the packet information of a phone call in progress. The hacker then has to reassemble the information into a conversation. Succeeding in this endeavor is very challenging, especially when you consider the additional security measures that you take when configuring your system.

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