Is Your Company Ready to Make the Change to SIP Trunking?

SIP TrunkingMost people are already aware of the cost savings associated with SIP Trunking, but did you know it can increase your productivity too? The main way it does this is by making it simpler to collaborate with other employees. It also makes it easier to reach out to potential clients. If this sounds like something that could help your business, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself a few simple questions to determine if you are ready to make the change.

Does Your Business Understand SIP Trunking?

While many companies understand some of the key benefits of SIP Trunking, they may not understand the technology itself. Now you don’t have to be an expert in SIP Trunking to use it, but it helps to know the basics.

SIP Trunking operates like a virtual line. It is simply a virtual connection that works via the Internet. It uses a packet switch network to digitally convert signals. The signals then get routed to the receiver.

It is Something You Can Afford?

Can you afford SIP Trunking? This answer is different for each individual business, but it is important to note that if you’ve been paying a landline bill each and every month, you almost definitely can afford SIP Trunking. This is because SIP costs much less than landline systems. When considering cost, you need to realize that each provider is going to charge different rates and may offer different benefits in return.

Have You Thought About the Installation Process?

The installation process is another thing that is going to be different for each unique business. A small company with only a handful of employees is going to have a much different experience than a large corporation. Nevertheless, there are some things that are universally true of all SIP Trunking installations.

The most important thing is that you need to determine how many SIP Trunks you will need. Now, your provider can help you with this, but in order for the provider to arrive at the correct number you need to supply some information. For example, you will need to give them an accurate count of how many phones and lines you will need. Not providing the correct number can prove determinantal, as too few trunks can lead to dropped calls. On the other hand, too many can result in wasted money.

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