The Most Beneficial SIP Trunking Features

SIP Trunking FeaturesThere is no doubt that SIP Trunking offers users a substantial amount of cost savings. However, you shouldn’t overlook the other benefits of SIP. After all, the cost savings wouldn’t be worth it if you got an inferior solution. One of the greatest things about SIP is that your solution comes with a lot of great features. Here are the most beneficial SIP Trunking features:

Toll-Free Numbers

SIP Trunking allows you to keep a local DID, but it does more than that. With SIP you can also have an 800 or toll-free number.

Caller ID

Another one of the SIP Trunking features that your company can enjoy is inbound/outbound caller ID. Furthermore, it is customizable so that you can set it as your business name or an individuals’ name.


SIP not only has voicemail, but it also has advanced voicemail options like voicemail to email. This sends a copy of the voicemail to your email inbox so that you can have access to your messages on the go.

Disaster Recovery

It’s important that in the case of an emergency such as a power outage, you can still receive calls. Most SIP providers offer multiple options for disaster recovery, such as routing calls to different locations.


e911 automatically routes your 911 calls to whatever local emergency center is associated with your physical address.


SIP is supported by most VoIP equipment and software. This includes desk phones, IP PBXs, and VoIP gateways. What’s great about SIP Trunking is that you can select whatever hardware and software that works best for your business.

Fraud Prevention

Your SIP Trunking provider should offer automatic fraud protection. This feature automatically identifies suspect calling patterns and suspends international calls to lessen the likelihood of fraudulent attacks.

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