SIP Trunking 101

sip trunkingAre you looking to increase your communications efficiency without incurring high hardware costs? Fortunately, moving away from legacy systems to newer solutions can achieve just that. However, many businesses aren’t ready to fully move to cloud-based communications. Instead, they may prefer a hybrid approach. If this sounds like your business, then SIP Trunking may be for you.

What is SIP Trunking?

Put simply, SIP Trunking creates a connection from a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to the Internet. This allows you to take advantage of the Internet for your communications. By replacing your traditional lines (such as your voice T1s and PRIs) with SIP, you can reap cost benefits and gain more flexible calling. For example, with SIP you can support multimedia communications (voice, video, messaging, etc.).

What are the Benefits and Features of SIP Trunking?

With modern SIP Trunking there is a large range of features that can help meet your needs. If you want to successfully deploy a SIP solution, it is important to make sure it has the right mix of features for your company. Some of the most important features include interoperability with existing systems, toll-free numbers, voicemail, business continuity, and more.

When you compare a Cloud PBX to an on-premises PBX, it becomes evident that a Cloud PBX has more advantages. However, if you pair an on-premises PBX with SIP, you can gain a lot of the benefits of a Cloud PBX. It’s a great way use your current infrastructure to gain modern rewards.

What Should you Look for in a Provider?

If you want your SIP Trunking solution to be successful, you need a good provider. A good SIP provider is vital to helping your business integrate the technology and manage it long-term. Therefore, you need to choose carefully. The wrong provider may result in a slower integration and long-term problems. When looking for a provider, you should consider their security-enhancing features, customer support, cost savings, and reliability.

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