SIP Trunking Advantages You May Not Have Considered

SIP Trunking advantagesIf you have a SIP-enabled Business Phone System, SIP Trunking has become the preferred method of connecting to a service provider. SIP (or Session Initiation Protocol) is a type of service that connects your company’s public switched telephone network to an IP-ready PBX via the internet. Why use SIP? Most people versed in SIP know that it can save you money and give you modern features. However, there are advantages of SIP you may not have considered.

SIP Trunking Advantages


SIP Trunking is easy to use. For example, setting it up is easy. It requires only a reliable IP network path to your Business Phone System. Furthermore, if you want to add SIP Trunks you can do so without additional equipment. This is great for growing businesses.

Backup in the Event of an Outage

Because your calls are made via the Internet, you can have back up links for business continuity. For example, if your primary connection to your SIP provider fails, you can use any other Internet connection to register the SIP Trunk to your provider. This is great because it decreases the odds of a communication outage.

Increased Dependability

As mentioned above, SIP Trunking allows for backup connections. It is dependable in other ways too. For example, severe weather sometimes interrupts traditional phone services. SIP allows you to use other phones should there be a failure to your system. With SIP, you can reroute calls to other devices.

Easily Expand and Transition

Adopting SIP permits you to transition to next generation technology. When your business is ready, you can switch to hybrid to hosted PBX services. With SIP Trunking you can also gradually scale the number of lines you require. This means that you will never pay for more than your business needs.

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