SIP Trunking Benefits You May Not Be Aware Of

SIP Trunking BenefitsSIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, allows you to use your phone through the internet. Choosing SIP combines voice, video, and chat. There are different ways of switching to SIP, but one of the most common ways is to use your on-premise PBX to connect to the cloud. There are many well-known SIP Trunking benefits, but there are a few lesser known benefits too. Here are a few additional reasons to consider making the switch:

Recurring Cost Savings

Your monthly phone bill is no longer a source of worry with SIP Trunking. By switching to SIP, your bill is simplified and predictable. With SIP, you use the Internet instead of a physical line. This is one of the reasons that long-distance calls become local calls. SIP doesn’t have a lot of confusing charges, which helps keeps costs low.

Consolidated Communications

As mentioned above, SIP is a way to combine voice, video, etc. However, what you may not realize is that by taking advantage of this you aren’t using overlapping and redundant networks anymore. This is a great way lower costs. It also means you won’t have to pay for numerous subscriptions.

Instant Return on Investment

There are a great number of cost-saving solutions out there. However, many of them take a long time to get a return on your investment. SIP Trunking, however, isn’t in that category. There is very little risk involved with SIP, as it does not require a large upfront investment. Instead, you will see an immediate savings in your monthly bill.


SIP is great for cost-savings and merging communications, but it also helps with employee efficiency too. In the past, the only way to receive business calls was at your desk. With SIP though, your employees can get calls routed to their mobile devices if they’re away. This allows for more mobility and efficiency amongst your employees.

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