SIP Trunking Security Protocols That Your Company Needs to Implement

security protocolsSIP Trunking is a fantastic way for companies to upgrade their telecommunications and save money. SIP Trunking connects your phone applications with your PBX Business Phone System. One of the biggest reasons SIP Trunking is a more budget friendly option is because it requires less hardware. A big benefit of not having as much hardware is that it is easier to manage and maintain your system. However, you have to take care when connecting your telecommunications to a network. When you send data and communications over a network, fraud can occur. However, this issue is easily alleviated with proper security protocols. To ensure that you use SIP Trunking safely, follow the following security tips.

IP address authentication

The only thing you should allow to access your business phone system is specific internal IP addresses. This can get a little tricky if you have mobile workers. If this is the case, there are custom tools that permit you to both observe log files and automatically block IP addresses after they unsuccessfully attempt a certain number of password attempts.

Keep firmware and software updated

If your system has any weak points, hackers will exploit them. However, if you ensure that your firmware and software is kept up to date, hackers will have an incredibly difficult time getting into your system. Also, making sure your system is up to date gives you system enhancements and patches for any new security weaknesses.

Secure connections

If your company has either home or satellite offices, it is a great idea to get a virtual private network for your business phone system. It is also wise to mask the access point if you have a non-standard SIP port.

Trusted SIP providers

Make sure to use an IP whitelist for exclusively trusted SIP connections. There is also a configuration in your firewall that allows you to only allow trusted SIP providers and disallow all others.

Complex passwords

Passwords can prove relatively easy for hackers to crack. Not only do you need to change it frequently, but you need to have complex passwords.

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