How Does SIP Trunking Work with a PBX Business Phone System?

PBX Business Phone System
In order for a business to function, it is imperative that you have the right telecommunications. There’s a lot of different options on the market, but one of the most common is a PBX Business Phone System. What Is A PBX System? A PBX (or Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that can communicate both internally (within your business) and externally (with th...
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What are Virtual Numbers?

virtual numbers
You might know what a phone number is, but do you know what virtual numbers are? A virtual number is basically a phone number that doesn’t have a physical phone line attached to it. Instead, they are essentially a gateway between a VoIP system and a PSTN. Here is how they can help your company: Virtual Numbers Virtual numbers are also known as DIDs (Direct Inward Dial). When ...
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