What are Virtual Numbers?

virtual numbersYou might know what a phone number is, but do you know what virtual numbers are? A virtual number is basically a phone number that doesn’t have a physical phone line attached to it. Instead, they are essentially a gateway between a VoIP system and a PSTN. Here is how they can help your company:

Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers are also known as DIDs (Direct Inward Dial). When you get one, your telecom company allows you access to their network and the PSTN through a SIP Trunk. You then have a number that you can use for both outbound and inbound service.


How does this benefit your company? The biggest benefit is that you can get any kind of number and coverage for your system, even when you call someone in a different area. This means that your number should always appear as a local number.

Another great benefit of a virtual number is that you get better features than your cell phone. Most companies offering virtual numbers also offer call forwarding, email notifications, advanced customization, conferencing, etc. The best thing is that you get all of these features without having the expense or aggravation of dealing with a lot of hardware.

How To Get A Virtual Phone Number For Your Business

So how do you go about getting a virtual number for your business? Fortunately, it isn’t difficult. The most important thing you have to do is ensure that your business is a good fit for cloud communications. A good provider can help make sure that you can migrate to the cloud with ease. When you look for a provider, make sure that they have an extensive inventory and coverage.

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