The Benefits of Using the Best SIP Trunking Software

sip trunking softwareMany companies are switching to SIP Trunking these days. Not only can you gain great features with SIP, but you can also save money. However, what makes for the best SIP Trunking Solution? In large part, it is the software. With great SIP Trunking software, it won’t only enable you to make calls but also give you direct access to your network through a user-friendly control panel. Here is what you should look out for when choosing your solution:

User-friendly control panel

As mentioned above, you need a user-friendly control panel. After all, usability is vital if you want to easily manage your account. Having an easy control panel will help simplify your SIP Trunking solution and save you time.

Call data records in real-time

With the right SIP Trunking software, you can not only view your business activities but also your call data records. Having access to your call data is a great way to establish your communication needs.

DID Coverage

Many businesses require Direct Inward Dialing (DID). Your provider SIP Trunking software provider should be able to offer an extensive database of US-based numbers.

International toll fraud protection

Your software should be able to monitor for international call fraud in real time. Furthermore, it should be able to immediately terminate unauthorized calls.

Nomadic e911

Having nomad e911 permits you to associate an address with your number. Therefore, if someone dials 911 from your number, the emergency services operator will automatically have your address.

Tier-1 redundant network

Your software should use Teir-1 upstream carriers to route traffic. This allows you to enjoy the best sound quality plus a high-performance redundant network. Additionally, using multiple gateways will eliminate any single points of failure.

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