What are the Key Differences Between PRI and SIP Trunks?

PRIFor a long time, PRI has been a reliable way to connect your PBX Business Phone System to a local phone service provider. It is comprised of numerous voice lines with one data line. It can handle call signaling between your PBX and your phone service provider. Nevertheless, SIP Trunking is a newer form of technology that is just as reliable along with a significant cost savings and more features.

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunks are phone line trunks that offer a direct connection between your company and your phone service provider or Internet Telephony Service Provider. SIP Trunks are great because they have much more flexibility than PRI. Furthermore, they offer phone numbers, long-distance, and lines at a far less rate than a PRI provider.

PRI vs. SIP Trunks

Unfortunately, companies with PRI can often end up with more lines than they actually need. On the other hand, businesses can purchase the exact amount of SIP Trunks they need. This is one of the biggest reasons that SIP Trunking can offer such significant cost savings. PRI phone providers often ask for long contracts as well. This is typically due to how difficult it is for them to add physical lines to your PRI system. SIP Trunking, however, is relatively simple to set up. If you want to add or subtract lines, you can do so with a click of the mouse.

How to Switch from PRI to SIP

Switching to SIP Trunking isn’t very difficult. How quickly you want to transition is completely up to you—it can be gradual or all at once. It is a good idea to speak to a reputable SIP Trunking provider; they can help you determine the best way forward for your business.

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