What Happens If I Use SIP Trunking and the Internet Goes Down?

InternetSIP Trunking has a wealth of benefits. However, what happens if the Internet goes down? Unfortunately, if you haven’t prepared accordingly, it will knock your phones down for the duration of the outage. So, what do you do to keep your communications flowing? Here are a few tips and troubleshooting ideas that can ensure you are not ever cut off from your customers:

Backup Internet

Sometimes it is not worth it to rely on a single internet provider. This way, if your primary provider goes down you can switch to the backup. One way of doing this is to actually split your business into two separate networks. For example, you can have one provider support your SIP solution and one support your computers. You can even configure your SIP solution to automatically switch over to the second provider during an outage.


When choosing a SIP provider, you should make sure they have redundancy plans in place. This way, if you don’t have a backup internet provider your provider can automatically forward calls to predetermined mobile devices. Under this setup, you won’t miss any calls even if your system is offline.

Backup Connections

Not all internet outages are your Internet providers fault; many problems can be traced back to faulty equipment. For example, sometimes replacing your cables, routers, or computers can eradicate outage issues.

Router Settings

Sometimes your problems are due to your router. It is important that it is not only configured correctly, but that it is compatible. Additionally, make sure that it is optimized for a SIP connection. If it can’t allow for the proper flow of data through the network, your connection to the Internet will be hindered.

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