What is SIP Trunking Used for?

SIP TrunkingSIP Trunking is a great communications option for all businesses. It delivers high-quality communications by merging your existing voice and data networks into a unified network. This typically comes with a considerable cost savings. If you are currently using a digital or non-IP PBX system, it is especially useful because you can use your current equipment to save as much as 40-50% off of your monthly business phone bills. While these are great benefits, what exactly is SIP Trunking and what is it used for?

How Does SIP Trunking Work?

SIP Trunking transmits voice and other UC services over the internet. It is compatible with PBXs (Private Branch Exchanges) that are IP-enabled. SIP Trunks are often thought of as the digital equivalent of a phone line. SIP is one of many possible protocols for VoIP communications.

What is SIP Trunking Used for?

One of the biggest purposes of SIP Trunking is to replace conventional PRI lines. PRI technology was the industry standard for many years. Companies used PRI lines for voice and data, but now that technology is extremely expensive to maintain. SIP Trunking is one of the best alternatives to PRI lines. It is less expensive and more effective than PRI technology. Here are the best benefits of SIP Trunking over PRI:

Cost reduction

As mentioned above, SIP Trunking can reduce your costs. One of the biggest reasons it is less expensive than PRI, is that there is much less infrastructure to purchase and maintain.


It is easy to customize your SIP Trunking solution. Unlike PRI technology, adding or reducing lines does not necessitate a physical change to your solution. As long as you have the appropriate bandwidth, you can effortlessly scale up or down.

Unified Communication

SIP Trunking is also much more effective than older technology. With SIP, you can handle all of your communication needs from a single source. Therefore, with SIP you can use voice, data, instant messaging, and more from a single Unified Communications platform.

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