What Your Company Should Know About SIP Trunk Failovers

SIP Trunk FailoversAs the popularity in SIP Trunking grows, businesses have begun to explore the benefits of switching to it. For example, SIP allows for scalability, flexibility, and cost decreases. However, even with a technology offering many benefits, businesses must consider disaster recovery. Here is what your company should know regarding SIP Trunk failovers.

Handling SIP Trunk Failovers

All companies should craft a backup plan prior to implementing anything new. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always turn out to be the case. This can be extremely detrimental when it concerns SIP Trunking and phone systems. If you wait until after implementation, it can often prove too late or too cumbersome to make any monumental changes to your disaster recovery plan. Here’s what you should keep in mind when planning out your SIP Trunk Failovers:

  • Cost – What is the cost of providing an effective backup? You also need to consider the costs of continuity and recovery services.
  • Minimum Level of Service – What is the least amount of service you require to continue functioning until you are fully back up?
  • Service Failure – What is defined as a service failure? You need to define the conditions that need to be met to classify an event as a service failure.

Options for Handling SIP Trunk Failovers

There are a many different failover options. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Call Forwarding – If your primary SIP Trunk fails, many vendors offer automatic or manual forwarding to an alternate destination (i.e. another SIP Trunk or a mobile number).
  • Separate Trunk Groups – You can also use multiple groups for your company. Not only is this great if you have a high call volume, but you can also use one for a backup.
  • Failover PRI Lines – This can prove an expensive option, but it is considered comprehensive. If your SIP network fails for any reason, you can have your calls automatically rerouted to backup PRI lines.

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