Why you Shouldn’t Sacrifice Service for Cost Savings

Cost SavingsSIP Trunking has a lot of amazing benefits. Switching to SIP Trunking offers better productivity, easier scalability, and an improved customer experience. It also can save you money. While this last benefit is a big one, you don’t want to sacrifice service for cost savings.

There are a lot of companies that offer SIP Trunking service, and it is important not to merely go with the lowest price. You also need to have confidence that they can deliver some of the other benefits and features that come with SIP Trunking. The customer experience, for example, will suffer if you have subpar telecommunications. Your partner needs to have technical expertise and reliability.

Which Company is Right for you?

Selecting a company is easier said than done when there are so many in business. Whoever you choose needs to meet your needs both now and in the future. Answering the following questions can help you make a confident decision:

  • Can they rapidly react to issues?
  • Who controls all of the vital steps and functions of the service delivery?
  • Is customer care domestic? If not, where is it based?
  • Does the company offer a web portal for customers to use? If so, how much support and control does it provide?
  • What redundancy measures do they offer customers?
  • How will they address your company’s individual telecommunication needs?
  • What kind of disaster recovery capabilities do they offer?
  • Is there a dedicated project coordinator that has the expertise to effectively implement the service?
  • Do they have a passion for what they do?

While cost savings is extremely important, it is smart to ask other questions. Only then can you achieve confidence that you’re not sacrificing service in exchange for savings. If you have any questions regarding SIP service, please contact Intuity today at (800) 811-1086.