Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Switching to SIP Trunking

switching to SIP TrunkingIn today’s business world, telecommunications is an essential aspect of any company. SIP Trunking is considered one of the best methods for companies looking to bridge the gap from traditional to modern. However, skepticism about switching to SIP Trunking may prove harmful to your business operations. Below, is why you shouldn’t worry about switching to SIP Trunking.

SIP Fundamentals

What is SIP Trunking? Also known as Session Initiation Protocol, SIP is a type of VoIP that allows an on-premise or hosted private branch exchange (PBX) to send and receive voice calls via IP connectivity. The great thing about SIP Trunking is that it is a great option for businesses currently using non-IP or digital PBX systems because it leverages your existing infrastructure. This means that you don’t have to swap out your entire phone system to switch to SIP if you don’t want to.

SIP Trunking’s Clear Benefits

The key benefits to SIP Trunking are the cost savings and the flexibility. With SIP, you can immediately save as much as 40-50% off of your monthly business phone bills. It is also much less rigid than using physical infrastructure. For example, if you want to add more lines you do so virtually rather than with a physical installation.

Concern Vs. Reality

So, with all of the benefits why are some business owners worried about switching to SIP Trunking? Adopting any new technology can often prove daunting. Here are some common concerns and why they aren’t as troublesome as you may have initially thought:

  • Security: Because SIP uses an internet connection, this could create a method for hackers to take advantage of your system. There are, however, numerous ways to circumvent this threat. By incorporating strong encryption channels and firewalls—as well as simple things like strong passwords—you can counteract such threats.
  • Price: Is switching to SIP Trunking going to cost you a lot of money? Quite the opposite; if you choose SIP Trunking, you can eliminate long distance fees, only purchase the amount of lines you require, and share SIP channels across multiple locations. All of these benefits add up to great savings for your company.

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