Why Your Business Should Switch from PRI to SIP

PRIIn many cases, business owners choose the Business Phone service provider that has the lowest prices. However, there is more to it than that. Not only do different providers have different levels of call quality, they may offer different features as well. Furthermore, there are different types of technology available that can dramatically change your phone service experience. One of the key technological decisions you may find yourself faced with is whether or not you should switch from your PRI to SIP Trunking. PRI is often associated with legacy PBX systems; in this instance, it is the way calls are transmitted if you have a legacy PBX. Switching to a SIP Trunking service can be a big change, but it can often be to your benefit. Here’s why:

Save Money

SIP can save you money by reducing that frequency of long distance and international calling. By using SIP, your calls mostly travel on IP lines instead of physical lines. In essence, your calls are mostly local.

SIP also helps you save because of the way legacy providers charge. Legacy providers make you pay based on capacities. This means that you can get locked into long contracts that fix a certain amount of minutes whether you use them or not. SIP is more flexible, in that you only pay for what you use.


It’s a challenge to scale using a legacy PRI. This can prove a burden to growing or seasonal businesses. SIP, on the other hand, works great if you want to scale up or down. Instead of adding physical lines, with SIP you add them digitally. This is done with a click of a button rather than an expensive, complicated installation.

Go Global

SIP is great if you have an international presence. It can be difficult to make sure your legacy system works across the globe. With SIP though, you can easily add local, national, or toll-free numbers. If you have customers in different countries, they can reach out to you on whatever number suits them best.

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