How SIP Trunking can Impact Your Business

impactThe benefits of SIP (Session Internet Protocol) Trunking are rather plentiful. As a business owner, what should you know about SIP Trunking? Is it something that can help your business? This blog should help you decide what kind of impact SIP Trunking would have on your company.


SIP Trunking can be extremely reliable. However, you should know that not all providers are one and the same. It is important to know the following facts about your provider:

  • What bandwidth requirements you’ll need.
  • What the provider’s quality of service is.
  • If they offer built-in redundancies.
  • What their uptime is.
  • What their support availability is.

It Saves You Money

On average, companies that choose SIP Trunking save roughly 50% when compared to companies that use PRI. One of the biggest reasons you’ll save this much is because you won’t have any physical hardware costs, as all of your lines are virtual.

Unified Communications

SIP greatly simplifies your workplace by merging your data and voice networks. It can help you move all of your data, voice, and connectivity requirements into one, unified place. Unified Communications can impact your business by improving your customer service and increasing your employee productivity.


Whether you are a growing business or a seasonal one, there are many advantages to having flexibility in your telecommunications. With traditional systems, it is extremely difficult to add or subtract lines as you please. With SIP Trunking, however, you can add lines virtually. Additionally, SIP Trunking has built-in mobility features that give you more flexibility to take calls out of the office.


Some believe that SIP Trunking is an insecure method of communications. This, however, is not true. While it presents some risks, there are ways of ensuring your system remains safe. To make sure you’re not compromised, you should utilize:

  • Internet firewalls
  • Fiber-optics
  • Password Management

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