How SIP Trunking Can Improve Your Conference Calls

conference callsIn today’s modern business world, employees spend a lot of their time on conference calls. Unfortunately, inconsistent call quality will make conference calling a near impossibility. After all, dealing with lost audio or latency problems is not only frustrating but impractical. These days, successful conference calls are more important than ever. Here’s how SIP Trunking can help:

What Is SIP Trunking?

SIP (or Session Initiation Protocol) is when you transmit a voice call over a SIP Trunk or SIP Channel. SIP eliminates the requirement for PRI lines. When you use a SIP Trunk (which is a phone line using the SIP protocol) it is installed virtually over your internet. It uses the connection to connect your PBX to the PSTN. This eliminates the PRI and allows you to take advantage of a large swath of features like voicemail and an auto attendant without using analog lines or multiple phone lines.

How Can SIP Trunking Improve Conference Calls?

SIP Trunking is a great way to correct poor connectivity during conference calls. It can greatly improve your discussions between customers, clients, and other employees. Here’s how:

Reliable Calls

We have come to depend on our Business Phone Lines. Unfortunately, if you are using a physical landline it can fail during bad weather, power outages, and system malfunctions. In today’s business environment, relying on a fluky system is not an option. SIP Trunking allows you to make any type of call regardless or external circumstances due to redundancy. You can set up your system to re-route calls to other locations or cell phones.

Unified Communications

Pairing your SIP Trunking system with Unified Communications comes with a lot of benefits. For example, it boosts both your productivity and flexibility. Because SIP supports both voice and data you can operate all of your communications over a unified network. UC permits your employees to use collaboration tools like screen sharing and instant messaging. When using these tools during a conference call, it allows your employees the same experience as if they were meeting in person.

Easy to Use

Unfortunately, conference calls can go longer than they need to if you can’t work the equipment. SIP is very easy to use, however. It is very simple to both work and manage your extensions, phone lines, call routing, etc.

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