Why you Should Pair your SIP Trunking Solution with Unified Communications

Unified CommunicationsSIP Trunking can benefit your business in many different ways. Not only can you reduce your telecommunications costs, but you can also enjoy enterprise level features. However, there is one specific benefit that is often overlooked: Unified Communications functionality. Pairing your SIP Trunking Solution with Unified Communications increases productivity and provides your business with more flexibility. Here are a few specific reasons you should take advantage of SIP Trunking and Unified Communications.

Consistent Experience

A great thing about SIP Trunking is that it supports both voice and data. This means that you can operate all of your communications over one, unified network. This has the benefit of offering a consistent experience throughout different office locations and remote employees. In other words, all of your employees have access to the same systems.

Pathway to the Cloud

If you are considering the cloud but don’t want to make the leap quite yet, SIP Trunking is a great option. Additionally, when you combine SIP with Unified Communications, you can retain control of your onsite solution while getting cloud benefits.


SIP Trunking is one of the best options for businesses concerned with scalability. SIP allows you to easily add or subtract call capacity while guaranteeing that you only pay for what you actually need. This means that you won’t have to predict how many lines you’ll need in a year. Instead, you just have to contact your provider and instruct them to make the changes.

Business Continuity

An important aspect of SIP Trunking is redundancy. This means that if you experience an outage, your system will still be accessible. Most SIP Trunking vendors guarantee this by using automatic failovers.

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