How to Make SIP Trunking Work for Your Company

make SIP Trunking work for your companySIP Trunking (or Session Initiation Protocol Trunking) is a phone service that is delivered through the internet. They are provided by internet telephony service providers rather than through a traditional phone company. This has a lot of benefits, including added features and cost savings. SIP Trunking also improves your scalability and flexibility. However, there are a few things you need to make SIP Trunking work for your company. Here’s how to get started:

Solid Internet Connection

You will need a solid internet connection to make SIP Trunking work for your company. However, the type of connection you need depends on the amount of traffic you’ll have. Your provider can help determine what type of connection is best for you. This is an important step, because if your internet connection isn’t strong enough to handle your traffic, you will experience quality issues.

Choose a Phone System

You will require a phone system that can receive SIP Trunking. If you use non-IP or digital PBX systems, you can incorporate SIP Trunking into your business. You can also use a SIP-to-analog gateway for older phone systems.

Prioritize Voice Traffic

Your router is your gateway to the internet. It directs traffic to and from your network. When using SIP Trunks, you should prioritize voice traffic. That way, your voice traffic will be prioritized over all other traffic. This help to ensure the quality of your phone calls.

Choose a Provider

Your SIP Trunking provider should have a proven record of great service. After all, they will essentially be your phone company. They need to be more than cost friendly, they should also offer great quality and fantastic customer service.

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