How to Manage Your SIP Trunking Migration

These days, there is a wide selection of professional telecommunication options. By choosing the right option, you can gain access to advanced features, Unified Communications integration, and decreased costs. SIP Trunking can allow you all of the aforementioned benefits, and more. However, how easy is switching to SIP? Here is the best way to manage your SIP Trunking migration:

Establish Your Goals

If you want to change your Business Phone System, you need to keep in mind your overall business objectives. Therefore, you should make an assessment of how you expect your new SIP Trunking solution to impact your current operations. You should also take into account the future. When making your evaluation, you also need to get the input of all of your departments.


Be sure to examine your current books and your financial projections. Only once you’ve done so can you determine how much you can commit to a transaction. You also need to determine what value you expect to receive in exchange for your money.


Do you want to make the change to SIP all at once or would it be better for your business to phase in the changes? For example, moving to SIP is a great option if you are currently using non-IP or digital PBX systems because it leverages your existing infrastructure. This means you can switch to SIP without changing any of your hardware. It is important to understand what exactly you want to change and how soon.


Your transition has a much better chance of success if you choose the right provider. Not only do they have to be reliable, but they also need to have working practices that are in line with your own operations. Whatever provider you choose to work with should also be available to offer assistance if you need it.

Do a Test Run

Before switching over entirely, you need to do a test run. A test run will show how well your new system works and offer you a chance to fine tune configurations before switching over completely.

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