How to Optimize Your Home Network

home networkMany businesses have shifted to having their employees work from home. While there are many benefits to working this way, there can be drawbacks if you are not prepared ahead of time. If you use SIP Trunking, or any kind of similar VoIP technology, you may find that it does not work as well as it does in the office. However, if you optimize your home network, you can use SIP Trunking as well as you did back in the office.

Tips for Optimizing Your Home Network

In order to optimize your home network, you should take the following steps:

Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

You need to first find out the statistics of your internet connection. Your ISP should have all of that data on hand. They can also verify your speed, which is helpful because there is likely a faster option out there. You may find that you need quicker service to make internet calling operate as intended.

Upgrade Your Equipment

It is not all about your speed; your equipment can play a large role in optimizing your network. The average lifetime for electronics is only about four years. If your router, for example, is older than that you may experience issues trying to make SIP calls at home.

Connect Your Devices

It is also important to examine how your end-devices connect to your router. The best option is to use an ethernet cable. Plugging an ethernet cable directly into your router is by far the most reliable way to connect. If you use Wi-Fi, you need to remember that every device that connects to it will degrade your network’s performance.

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