How You Can Improve Your Customer Service with SIP Trunking

Customer ServiceSIP Trunking has a lot of great benefits. Most people are aware that by choosing SIP they can lower costs, boost reliability, and incorporate fantastic features. However, not everyone knows that SIP can improve your business’s customer service. It does so via both outgoing and incoming calls. Here’s how:

Outgoing Customer Calls

Obviously customer contact goes both ways. Sometimes they call you, but sometimes you need to contact them. Oftentimes repeated calls are required for sales teams when conducting a transaction. This is why a CRM is so helpful. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is used to meet sales goals and keep track of leads.

When you have SIP Trunking, it makes it easier to integrate your Business Phone System with your CRM. This is because SIP uses standard protocols that are interoperable with cloud services. Now, your sales team can call customers directly from the software they use daily. Your CRM can log the call automatically with details such as timestamps and duration. This is a great method to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Incoming Customer Calls

Most incoming customer calls are to one of two groups. The first group is support teams and the second is all other employees. SIP Trunking can help both groups handle incoming calls.

Many support teams handle a high volume of calls. SIP is ideal in this scenario because of the features it offers. For example, SIP Trunking permits ACD queues, hunt groups, IVR systems, and auto attendants. These are all fantastic tools to help you direct customer queries with ease. Allowing customers an easier time to quickly reach the person they need improves customer service radically.

SIP Trunking help your other employees handle incoming calls, as well. For example, many times customers call for a specific person but they do not know the extension number. If you use SIP to incorporate auto attendant, call hold, and call transfer, this will help your callers reach who they need faster. It will also ensure that your other employees don’t have to waste time manually transferring calls.

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