Moving from Traditional Business Phone Systems to SIP Trunking

Traditional Business Phone SystemsAre you looking to move away from Traditional Business Phone Systems to SIP Trunking? It may be the best decision for your company. After all, SIP Trunking is a simple and cost-effective solution. It is also a step up from traditional solutions. If you are not quite ready to switch completely to a hosted voice option, SIP Trunking is a great option. Here’s why:

SIP Trunking

First of all, you need to understand what SIP Trunking is. It essentially works by creating sessions to transmit voice and data messages over the Internet. The messages can be voice calls, video, instant messaging, etc. By communicating this way, you can save money, increase your call quality, and future proof your business. However, you need to realize that unlike Traditional Business Phone Systems, you need decent internet to make SIP work. If your internet is subpar, it will affect your call quality.

Is SIP Right for your Business?

How can you determine if SIP Trunking is right for your business? You should examine these key points before making your decision:


For the majority of businesses, SIP Trunking is much cheaper than traditional services. This is especially true for companies that need to scale their system, add features, or perform long-distance calling. Achieving these goals with traditional services is extremely expensive.


While Traditional Business Phone Systems are considered more secure, this isn’t accurate. Copper cabling can be subject to security risks like interference and interception. However, there are risks with sending data over the internet. However, if you take the appropriate security steps (like keeping your firmware updated), it is unlikely that you will have any issues.


One of the biggest issues with traditional systems is inflexibility. The opposite is true of SIP Trunking. If you are still using a traditional system, you likely have to purchase lines in large blocks. SIP Trunking allows you to purchase the exact number of trunks you need.

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